Business Catering & Business Delivery Menus

If you need an office event catered, we have a special catering menu available!

We offer area businesses the opportunity to have lunch delivered too!

Dino's Seafood has a great office catering menu.  To view it, maybe even print it out, just click on the PDF link here.  

Our goal is to offer fun, work-friendly fare from Dino's Seafood that can be really enjoyed and easily shared when the office or business is having one of their monthly staff meetings or special seasonal parties/events.

Like the delivery menu, we have included more sandwich and wrap options. Also, we offer our most popular items in serving sizes that make ordering more effective for your budgets.

We look forward to helping you plan your next event or maybe making that weekly/monthly staff meeting go by a bit quicker!


Dino's Seafood now offers larger local business staffs a special delivery menu* just for them!

This delivery menu is for select area businesses who have a large enough team of people looking to enjoy Dino's delivered for lunch.  Please check out, maybe even print out,the menu by clicking on the PDF link.  

You will see that It is not our usual take-out menu, but, instead, one tailored to office teams and work crews looking for some leaner and cheaper daily fare from us.  Most of the items are under 10.00. (We are hoping this makes collecting the cash from a large pool of people easier).  

And while we know most of you love us for our fried seafood, hot dogs, and burgers, we have come up with other alternatives.  Along with our usual delicious fare, there are plenty of lunch-combo options, as well as wraps and salads, hopefully, inviting you to indulge with us more regularly.  

Dino's has always thrived on our nearby-business, lunch-time regulars, so this menu is a way of showing our appreciation.  However, for us to give you these good prices, more lunch alternatives, and bring it right to your work places, we can only offer this menu and delivery service to businesses who have orders of at least $75.00 or more.  

As always, we love seeing more local working folks' faces in the comfort of their own work 'homes'.  And, of course, we are grateful for your business and the role you play in our local community.   Here's to us bringing you bigger lunch break smiles!  

*substitutions are limited because of the time constraints involved with such large, daily deliveries.

To Place an order, please call 203.239.5548.

Or Email us with your order in the space provided below.  

(BTW, the email address for ordering is


 Please note, that all orders must be made at least an HOUR and A HALF before your desired delivery time and require phone confirmations. The more time you can give us... the better!



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